About M.S. Hogeland

img_2415My name is Michael Sean Hogeland, but friends call me Hoagie. My life was forever changed when Jesus saved me from my sins. Now I devote my life to telling others how Jesus came into this world to save them from their sin, and help Christians grow in their relationship with Christ Jesus. I married my wife Bethany whom I met and dated in college. I love sports and Alabama football. Originally from Corner, Alabama and graduated college from the Baptist College of Florida. I now live in New Orleans, Louisiana where I received a Masters of Divinity in Expository Preaching.

About Reactivate Faith

Reactivate means to revive or to act again. When you compared the first century Christians in the book of Acts to the way Christians today live in America, Christianity is not where it should be. The majority of our churches are dying and closing their doors, Christians have limited God to only a small portion of their life, and the work of gospel has become blemish. We need a revival of our faith to act again the life of Christ in us. Revival is a constant act of the Lord’s work in our life shaping us to live like Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.


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