3 Non-Biblical Reasons Why I’m Pro-Life

Abortion is always a hot topic. Most people from the pro-life camp are Christians and only focus on what the Bible says. While I could write on what God says about the value of life in a woman’s womb, I want to give three non-biblical reasons why I’m pro-life:

1. When A Woman Is Pregnant, It Means She’s Having A Baby

Logic stands that when a woman is pregnant, she is expecting a baby. When a dog is pregnant, you expect a dog to have multiple puppies. But for some reason we think when a woman becomes pregnant there isn’t a baby in the womb. Even Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary says being pregnant is having a baby develop in one’s body. We do not decide in pregnancy whether or not a baby is in the womb based on our choice alone.

2. The Baby Has Already Started to Develop at Four Weeks

The time women begin to realize they are pregnant is when they have missed their period. Usually women discover they are pregnant when they are two weeks to a month into the pregnancy. At four weeks, the baby has already developed the structures to form his or her face and neck. Also, the heart, blood vessels, lungs, stomach, and liver have started to develop by this time.

But let’s go past four weeks to eight weeks. At eight weeks the baby’s eyelids and ears are forming. Also you can start to see the tip of his or her nose, arms, legs, fingers, and toes. Then at twelve weeks you can hear the baby’s heartbeat along with identifying the sex of the baby. At this point it seems we have a human being, but many of the abortions occur during the first trimester.

But what about the second trimester? At 16 weeks the baby will begin to blink his or her eyes, his or her heart and blood vessels are fully formed, and the baby’s fingers and toes have fingerprints. This sounds like a human to me. Even at twenty weeks the baby yawns, stretches, and makes faces. I could go on and on about this, and all this was found in a two second search on WebMD. Or is the Mayo Clinic a better source for you? At any point during the pregnancy a woman could have an abortion, but at what point do we begin to see through clear evidence this fetus is a person?

3. We Believe Life is in Every Living Cell

NASA is looking throughout the universe for life on other planets. We are obsessed with the idea that we are not alone in this big universe. I am all for exploring our universe for the purpose of knowledge, but let’s be honest about this one truth: the world would flip out if life was found on another planet. But the type of life we would find would probably be a single cell which means life was found on another planet.

IF a single cell was found on another planet we would scream, “WE ARE NOT ALONE!” because life was found on another planet. But why is it that life can be found on another planet with it being valuable, but a single cell in a womb is less valuable? It is from a single cell in a womb that multiplies and forms into a baby. If a single cell means there is life on another planet, then a single cell in a woman’s womb means there is life.

What do you think about these reasons? Would you add any? Disagree? I would love to hear your opinions on this.


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